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Use points earned from the Game to get the code. Simply add the code at their check-out!


10% Discount

From the Store Owner

THE ANTIDOTE TO FAST FASHION 24/7 Online Store International Concept Stores Experiences & Events Brand Support OUR MISSION Connecting you to ethical, independent fashion + lifestyle brands, empowering the world to discover transparent and unique clothing and accessories.

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Valid From: 11/01/2021


Part of what we do at LDC is support and promote independent brands, however it is more than that. We curate, build with our brands, and want to help customers discover the next generation of designers. We work with our brands because they are trying to make a positive difference, not because they are perfect. However, we appreciate that sustainability comes with limitations and that it can be an overwhelming experience for brands to do everything 100% perfect, particularly in a world where government legislation and corporate action has yet to progress and make lasting legislative change.

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