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£5.00 Cash-Back

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Our products are made using natural and sustainable fabrics and each collection explores a different issue, for example Plastic Oceans and Precious Insects, and the newest range; Food for Thought. 10% of profits are donated to a charity that works with the issue represented.

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Gung Ho

THE DESIGNER Sophie Dunster is the designer behind Gung Ho. Having been raised living a low carbon lifestyle, it’s not surprising that sustainability has been fairly drummed into her over the years. After discovering a world of silk screen printing when studying in Brighton, she realised her drawings could become a walking ‘talking point’ and so Sophie turned to art for her way save the world. And that’s when the idea for Gung Ho was born. ABOUT THE BRAND Born out of an ambition to push boundaries in sustainable fashion, their collections are not just handmade locally using sustainable fabrics, but they also weave more meaning into the prints by illustrating particular environmental issues.

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