What is Conclify?

Conclify is a hub of mini games that reward you with exclusive and limited ethical fashion rewards. It is a place where through play you discover ethical brands, earn points, and get rewards. The rewards are from a hand-picked collection of the best independent online shops and are offered year-round. Something special that no one else has.

How do I get rewards?

You collect points
Conclify Points Icon


through playing mini games which you can use to get rewards from our Rewards page.

How do I get points?

Play mini games

As you play the Game, you collect Game Stars, for completing Game Tasks:

  • Each Game Task is worth between 1 and 5 Game Stars.
  • Complete the Game Task, to get all of the Task's Game Stars.
  • You get 10 Points, for each Game Star you collect.

Points per Game Star:

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Explore Brands

While you're exploring the game stores, tap the images to visit the brand's site.

Keep an eye-out for the points icon on the images.

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Bonus points are available periodically, so check back often!

Points per Site Visit:

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Invite your Friends

Every user has unique referral code

Get rewarded for every user that signs-up using your code!

Points per Sign-Up:

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Use Your Rewards

For every reward you own, and have used, let us know that you've used it.

Mark as Used

Earn points just for helping us to keep our records up-to-date!

Points per Reward Used:

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Can I use my points for rewards from any brand?

Yes. Your points can be spent on any available reward in our Rewards page, regardless how you earned them.

Can I play the Game when I am offline?

No. Access to the Conclify requires an active internet connection.‚Äč

How do I use my reward codes?

You apply your reward codes directly at the checkout of the shop which you got the reward for. Nothing more to do.

Can I give my reward code to a friend?

Sure you can! Just remember to ask your friend to let you know when the code is used so that you get your extra points.

Can I see my progress compared with other Conclify players?

Sure you can. The "all players leader board" is available in your home page. Scroll down and look up for your name in the top 10 players. If not there, don't sweat, play just a bit more!