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Promote your fashion brand in a game.

Connect with engaged shoppers in fashion.

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We Connect You with Engaged Shoppers

Your brand is promoted in the game. You are now exposed to a network of engaged fashion shoppers.

We Delight Shoppers

We surprise and delight shoppers offering the newest tactics to capture their attention and loyalty. A game to make shoppers LOVE interacting with your brand.

We Attract Clicks

Shoppers land on your store directly from our game, to increase their chances of winning exclusive vouchers.

You Boost Sales Conversions

Shoppers perform purchases when redeeming their vouchers and keep playing the game.


Add vouchers to our repository


Connect the game with your store using a simple URL


Market the game towards your audience

Your part of

the deal is to:

Stop competing in pricing tactics the old fashioned way.

Focus on modern digital experiences to capture shoppers' attention and loyalty.

Shoppers will love interacting with your brand!