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In Conclify we support ethical brands and present them in a Game. This is our way to become more ethical than the society we grew up in.

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Take a Look at Some of the Brands we Work With

AGGI Brand Logo

Inspired by the ‘70s and ‘80s eclectic style combined with contemporary trends.

Alison Fern Brand Logo

Thoughtful designs carefully crafted by hand, discover limited edition and one off pieces.

Bentivoglio Brand Logo

Pieces inspired by nature using eco-friendly, ethical fabrics.

Birdsong Brand Logo

Discover bold and original designs to be worn with confidence.

Gung Ho Brand Logo

Drawings that could become your walking ‘talking point’. Their prints illustrate environmental issues. Discover more.

IREN Brand Logo

3 step serums made tailored to your specific skin needs.

Ketevanna Brand Logo

Ketevanna is an ethical & slow fashion brand creating wearable styles for mindful & passionate lives.

LDC Brand Logo

LDC helps customers discover the brands who put an emphasis on sustainability, ethical production, conscious design, traceability and transparency.

MWYW Brand Logo

Bags designed in collaboration between a British atelier and a Japanese designer, bringing a vibrant style crossing over the world. They'll surprise you.

Ohana Brand Logo

Natural skincare products infused with CBD to make you feel like the best version of you. Have fun with it.

Sarah & Sorrentino Brand Logo

Designed by Sarah, a textile artist trained by working in the film industry for several years.

Studio Pia Brand Logo

Discover luxury and sustainable lingerie brand and witness the attention to detail.

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